Submission Requirements for the Full Paper Publication

The full papers will be published in the symposium book and web page. To ensure top quality, and professional proceedings, authors are requested to pay special attention to the formats and contents of their papers. Papers which are submitted in a technically unsuitable format cannot be published in the proceedings book or on the symposium.

Full paper submission will be made before the symposium May 9, 2008. However, the presenters could revise their papers after the symposium and resend it if necessary to the Scientific Committee for the proceedings. 

Please use this checklist for the full paper submissions:

General Rules

•  Final papers will be sent to

• To be included in the hard copy book, the paper must arrive in electronic format taking into consideration the deadlines.  

• Any paper received after the deadline will not be included in the proceedings.

• The hard copy pages will be printed from the electronic file exactly as you submit them without any reduction or changes.

•  If the participant does not present the paper in the symposium, her/his paper will not be included in the symposium proceedings

•  The referees have the right to reject the final paper if it does not match with the original abstract.

General File Format

•  Final papers will be in English.

•  Paper page length should not be more than 16 pages including the author page and the abstract. References, graphics, tables all count toward total pages count.

•  All the papers should be written in Microsoft Word files,

•  Paper size must be A4 size.

•  All page margins must be 3 cm.

•  Use only a one-column layout.

•  Font face must be Palatino Lynotipe or Palatino.

•  Font size must be 10 point (except the first paper title in the first page is 12 pt)

•  Final papers should conform to the APA Style.

•  Do not start a new page for new sections (chapters) or subsections.

•  Do not insert page numbers. Do NOT include PAGE NUMBERS

•  Also no form of running heads is allowed. Do NOT include HEADERS or FOOTER.

•  Do not use the paragraph spacing feature of your word processor to create the line spaces indicated in the following sections.

•  Place pictures, figures and tables centered between the margins without any text flowing around them.

•  On the initial page of the final papers information about the author(s) and revised edition of the abstracts should be included.

First page / Cover page

•  The name of the paper,

•  Full name of the author/s

•  The title of the author/s

•  The university of the author/s

•  The country of the author/s

•  The e-mail addresses of the authors should be included on the first page.

•  A SHORT BIOGRAPHY of author/s in English, no more than 100 words per each author to be included in the symposium proceedings booklet should be written on the first page of the paper.

•  REVISED ABSTRACTS should be written on the first page.

•  Revised abstracts should not be MORE THAN 500 words.

Citations, Literature References, Figures and Tables

•  Papers will conform to the APA Style.

•  Insert the sequence "(Name, year)" (without the quotes) into the running text for a citation to a literature reference. Name is the second name of the author and year is the year of printing.

•  Citing several authors is also allowed. In this case the single authors must be delimited either by commas or the word "&". The phrase "et al." is also valid. The year can either be written in short form or in long form (i.e. 92 and 1992 are both valid entries) is a possible lower case literal, if you refer to more than one article of an author of the same year. The word "see" and the brackets around the year are optional.

•  Examples:
... this special form (see Wonko & Tsio 1994b) is very...
... as described in (Wonko 94a)...
... and this algorithm (Tsio et al. 1994c) is used...

•  Insert the sequence "(Fig. n)" (without the quotes) into the running text to refer to a Figure contained in the current document. Insert the sequence "(Tab. n)" (without the quotes) into the running text for a markup to a table contained in the current document.

•  Each reference should start with the sequence "Name (Year)" (without the quotes). Name and year must match the citation in the running text [see Citations]. The single information fields of a Reference (Author1, Author2, Title...) should be divided by commas or semicolons.

•  Use the APA style when referencing a book or journal article making sure to precede the reference with the bracketed information.

•  Center figures and tables between the margins with one blank line above and below each.

•  Insert the text "Figure n. Description" or "Table n. Description" (without the quotes) in 10 point font after the figure/table (n is a unique number that identifies the figure/table; description is a short description about its contents. "Figure n. and Table n." should be in bold).

Sample Copy  

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