Welcome Address

Welcome to the Sixth International Symposium Communication in the Millennium,

We are very happy to reach the sixth event on such an international level and we are more than happy to have you all here in Istanbul.
It seems that the initials giving way to such a symposium were really very fruitful, so much that we are now honoured to organize the sixth of this International Symposium. This event, is bridging the gap between the theory and the practice, the local – global and national - international. Our universities made such an event possible and through their means many people contributed to the symposium till to the date, we congragulate them all.

As in any other international event, we have many hopes and expectations from the sixth International Symposium. We expect them to take part in the research part, observation part, evaluation part, in short to take it as a responsibility to enrich themselves culturally, academically and intellectually, international events, global participations are invaluable for such enrichments. It will have a multidimensional effect on the individuals and have an impact on all the people in the communication field. We will be concentrating on the problems of humanity and the possible solutions in its national, international and global sense.

We are living the world of media today. We are making up the messages to have an impact on societies and individuals, we are setting agendas and we expect the individuals and societies to act their roles in these agendas. The world still couldn’t find solutions to many problems, such as the poverty, education, conflict and communication. We are here to find possible resolutions to these problematic aspects.  
We are here to find a way that helps to build a new future. Today, the socio-political roles given to the media people, communication researchers are getting more and more important. They are the ones setting the agenda in their surroundings. That’s why we must try harder to spot the problems and to provide solutions to establish bridges to lead to betterment of the society.

In these symposium days, we share a lot and we improve ourselves a bit on the way to establish a better world. I hope that this symposium becomes a means for us to understand each other and solve at least some of the problems. I believe new perspectives that are needed for better interpretation of the world can be provided by this kind of scholarly dialogue and activities.

I want to thank all for your contributions and we are very glad to have you here.
Welcome again.

Prof. Dr. Suat GEZGIN
Istanbul University,
Faculty of Communication, Turkey

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